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Our programs include Math, Science, English, Reading, Computer Literacy, Robotics, 3-D Printing, and SAT/ACT preparation. All programs are available online and we offer in-person courses as needed. We introduce new programs frequently to meet the evolving needs of our students.


All StudentNest tutors are required to hold a two-year degree with a minimum of two years of work experience in the field of education. Our tutors have strong skills in essential Math and ELA subject areas, including but not limited to Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Grammar, Critical thinking, and Writing Comprehension. At present, we have dedicated highly qualified tutors who are available when students need them. All tutors are FBI/DOJ cleared.

Many of our tutors are former K-12 school teachers who have received class management training as part of their education and experience on school sites. 


All StudentNest tutoring content is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis with timely updates made to align with changing educational requirements. For example, when the state standards went into effect, we instituted a significant update to our tutoring content to ensure alignment. Our tutoring content meets the requirements of school districts to ensure compliance with their standards and is aligned with State’s standards.

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Learning Plans

For Student Learning Plans (SLPs), we conduct a pre-test, and, based on the results, develop an SLP. The SLP is provided to our content and technology team to upload necessary educational content for our educators. Upon completing the program, students undergo a post-assessment to ensure a continuous feedback loop process that refines our learning plans.

SLP development is acknowledged as an important step in tutoring. This task will be completed by our site coordinators, who will also be responsible for grading and entering scores into the database. Our office staff creates student achievement goals and generates SLPs based on State Standards and students’ needs determined by the pre-test. We recognize parent engagement as a critical component of a child’s academic progress because it helps develop trusting and respectful relationships with families.

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