How will tutoring benefit me or my child?
For what grade level is tutoring available?
How many hours of tutoring is recommended per month?
What equipment do I need?
What is expected of me as a parent?
Where does the tutoring take place?
How is progress of a child measured?
How can parents be involved?
Do I need to be a computer expert?
What is the qualification of the tutors?
Do you tutor on weekends?
Can I monitor my child’s progress?
Can I reschedule a class?
What are my payment options?
Who are’s customers?
What courses does offer?
What is a mouse-pen?

Frequently Asked Questions

The tutoring service is intended to supplement (not substitute for) classroom learning. Based on the pre-assessment, a plan is devised. Other things taken into account with the pre-assessment are input from the student, parent, and if requested, the teacher. This gives us a good “read” on what areas to focus upon and maximize your services. currently provides tutoring to students from grades
1 through 12.

In general, two hours of one-on-one tutoring is recommended per week in four 30 minute sessions. If there is a need based upon the “plan” or the tutor believes additional hours are needed, upon consultation with the student and the parent, such a recommendation will be addressed.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a USB port. The Internet connection can be dial-up, DSL, or Cable. will provide each child a headset and a mouse-pen.

Parents are expected to provide a distraction-free environment for their child and very important, to encourage your child. Positive reinforcement from a parent is always important.

The student can receive his/her tutoring at home, at a friend or relative’s house, a local library, or the school, if the school allows the use of their premises.

An initial pre-assessment test is administered to the child and a curriculum for the child is created based upon this pre-assessment test. Each on-line session is recorded and evaluated. This information is available to measure the child’s progress. At certain intervals post-assessments are taken to assess the overall progress of the student.

By sitting in on tutorial sessions, parents may elect to participate actively in this interactive environment. Parents will keep their own login ID and Password to look over their child’s progress and to exchange feedback with the tutor.

You just need to have basic computer skills such as knowing how to browse the Internet and check e-mail. If you are reading this, you are already skilled enough to use our tutoring program.

All tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in their field.

Our tutors are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We schedule our tutors based on your needs, provided there is a time slot left at a specific time.

Yes you can. We require that you also create an account where we can submit regular reports to keep you apprised of your student’s sessions.

Yes you can. We have designed the system in such a way that you can reschedule 48 hours in advance.

You may pay using: MasterCard; Visa; American Express; Discover; or you may pay using PayPal. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact us at

Studentnest’s customers are parents who recognize that their children could be performing better in school and want to identify, address and correct their child’s areas of academic also provides tutoring to schools and districts under US federal Title I Supplementary Educational Services contracts.

Currently, offers math tutoring for grade levels 1-12. However, for students in California we provide our tutoring services for 3rd to 12th grade. We are exploring other curricular area.

Mouse-pen is a simple device that is used as an electronic pen to write on the screen. It connects in the USB port of the computer (wireless ones are also available) and needs no software installation to function It is very simple to use once you get started with it. You can view a tutorial on using a mouse-pen. You can view it here.

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