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Helping students build a nest of educational success.

Who We Are

StudentNest has provided technology-based tutoring for over 16 years. StudentNest offers educational programs before, during, and after school, as well as on weekends and throughout the summer. Our instruction is focused on Math, Science, English, Robotics, and many STEM-based programs. Students from communities leverage the StudentNest tutoring service to receive both technology-based and in-person educational services. StudentNest services are available 24/7/365.


StudentNest’s goal is to help our students build a nest of educational success to secure a soaring future. The virtual classroom of StudentNest is leading the way to a boundless future in technology-based education, devoted to helping students and their families advance in educational endeavors. 

StudentNest is designed to help students and their families advance in their educational endeavors. Our results show that students gain over 16% in their academic performance.

Our Guiding

StudentNest has been used for tutoring for over 16 years. StudentNest offers educational programs for afterschool, weekends, and summer to teach Math, Science, English, Robotics, and other STEM based programs. Students use StudentNest to receive both technology-based and in-person educational services. The StudentNest services are available 24/7/365.

About Us

The StudentNest leadership team is comprised of leaders in educational thought. Each member has been dedicated to ensuring the soaring success of those students who need the most support. This dedication has driven the entire team for over 16 years in ensuring the best services to aid in education supplementation at the convenience of students and their families.

Monika Joshi​

Monika Joshi (President, CEO) is a dynamic, result-oriented leader who has served SN for the past 16 years. Under Monika’s exemplary leadership SN has been providing educational support and outreach services to students of all age groups including adults, in a broad range of subjects to a wide range of educational institutions across the United States including but not limited to school districts, charter schools, universities, colleges, cities, towns, counties, states, Native American communities, and federal government. SN has provided online tutoring to over 65,000 students in 450 school districts and over 2.5 million hours of services.

Chander Joshi​

Vice President
Chander Joshi (Vice President) is a successful business professional with over three decades of financial and business management experience. He creates and implements policies and procedures and co-ordinates with school districts and other organizations. Chander’s exceptional skills in customizing services to meet the unique requirements of each project assists students and organizations to achieve their goals. His ability to expand services to multiple platforms and industries have been instrumental in SN’s growth.

Dr. Brad Huff​

VP of Educational Programs
Dr. Brad Huff (VP Education) is a distinguished educator with career of over 50 years in private and public schools. Brad is one of the founding member of University High School on the Fresno State campus, retired in 2005. He is an adjunct professor at CSU, Fresno where he is currently Coordinator of the CSET Science Workshops for the Math Science Teacher Institute. Dr. Huff has served on writing committees for the California Science Framework and was a member of the Advisory Committee for the California Science Project and as a member and chair of Visiting Committees for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). For SN Dr. Huff manages educational program coordination, curriculum development, implementation, training and monitoring tutors and professional development.

Sunny Hassan

Sunny Hassan has been a Technology Expert with SN since 2008. Sunny works with servers and network at the head office, which includes installation and renewal, backup, student sessions and reports. Sunny and his team’s dedication in 24/7 Live support regarding accounts creation, scheduling and technical assistance is exemplary. Sunny is a powerful force with tireless energy and commitment to the team and to every student in his or her education on SN platform.

Jitahadi Imara

Regional Supervisor
Jitahadi Imara is a retired Deputy Chief, Los Angeles County Probation Department, the largest Probation Department in the United States. As a Deputy Chief, Mr. Imara had oversight responsibilities for the juvenile institutions, camps, juvenile halls, field offices and the rehabilitation of over 20,000 youth annually, which included educational, mental health, substance abuse, and social services. Mr. Imara worked with over 100 community-based service providers. Mr. Imara utilizes his expertise in aligning StudentNest’s tutoring and mentoring services with the risk and needs of delinquency- and dependency-involved youth. Mr. Imara oversees the justice and foster care services including development, implementation, management of contract services and quality assurance. Mr. Imara serves as a liaison with various justice and foster agencies and provides ongoing research-based practices and training for SN staff. Mr. Imara is also a professor at UC Davis, Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice.

Joshua Hood

Program Manager
Joshua Hood is an operations expert with 10 years experience in management. Joshua started as an HR expert - recruiting qualified and skilled instructors that meet StudentNest's mission. Now as a Program Manager for the FUSD contracts Joshua is instrumental in overseeing the implementation and functioning of various programs to ensure that students receive the help they deserve.

Our Tutors

Dave Corona

Los Angeles, CA - English and Elementary school Math
I am a CRLA certified tutor with an Associate’s Degree in Child Development and a multiple subject Bachelor’s Degree from Fresno State. I like helping children understand what is too hard for them to understand. Many children have the will to do better in their subjects for school, but do not know where to begin. They are lost in a sea of blah. They do not understand what they are doing now because they did not understand where they strayed from knowing in the beginning of their studies. They do not know how to go back and learn the fundamentals essential for understanding today. So they give up because they do not know how to continue learning step 10 when they do not understand step 1. This is where I come in and help the student understand how to do better by learning the fundamentals, first.

Bryan Flores

Los Angeles, CA - Math (STEM) & English
I've been with StudentNest for more than 3 years and have worked across many of the company's platforms: web/content development, online tutoring, placement/home tutoring, but have mainly worked at camps and halls. I excel the day-by-day balancing of groups vs individual tutoring and have worked well with students across the spectrum of delayed to ‘on-track’ behavioral and educational backgrounds.

Sandra Grindle

Plano, Texas - English, Advanced Placement, SAT/ACT prep, academic writing
I have taught 30 years in Texas public schools, 12 in a private school for gifted students. I am now a resource teacher for an online school, but working for StudentNest gives me the opportunity to continue to teach a wide variety of students.

Jerry Kelly

South Whittier, CA - Critical Thinking, Language, Geography, English, Math
I like how tutoring keeps me honest about what I think I know and what I can offer to students. What I have found enjoyable about StudentNest is how we both accommodate and challenge each other’s flexibility in our relationship. Outside tutoring I enjoy immersing myself in the operations of various production workers with an aim to helping businesses resolve the challenges of meeting their shifting goals.

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