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Q: How will studentnest.com tutoring benefit me or my child?

Q: For what grade levels is the tutoring available?

Q: How many hours of tutoring are recommended per month?

Q: What do I need?

Q: What is expected from me as a parent?

Q: Where does the tutoring take place?

Q: How is the progress of a child measured?

Q: Why should I, as a student, want to use studentnest.com ?

Q: How can parents be involved?

Q: Do I need to be a computer expert?

Q: What is the qualification of your tutors?

Q: Do you tutor on weekends?

Q: Can I monitor my child's progress?

Q: Can I reschedule a class?

Q: What are my payment options?

Q: Who are studentnest.com 's customers?

Q: What courses does studentnest.com offer?

Q: What is a mouse-pen?


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