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Our Technology:
We have invested months in developing this technology for tutoring. It does not use downloads that take up memory on your computer. It can work on almost any computer, including Macs. All you need is an Internet connection which may be over a dial-up modem or broadband. studentnest.com provides a headset & mouse-pen.

Some key features of our Technology:


Your child and the tutor can write free hand text on the whiteboard using a mouse pen that allows an instantaneous exchange of mathematical symbols and formulas.

Text Chat:

This allows your child and tutor to exchange text messages.


Using the headset your Child and the Tutor can speak to each other directly over the Internet. There are no long distance telephone charges no matter how far away the tutor actually is.

Session Recording:

Each session is recorded and archived on Studentnest server computers. It can be retrieved for review anytime after the end of the lesson. This means that the student, a parent, the teacher, etc., can review past lessons at no charge. This allows supervision without

The bottom line is that our technology enables interaction, which is as good as face-to-face tutoring without having to drive your child to a tutoring center and without having to wonder what your child is studying. You can use our recording feature to observe unobtrusively what was covered in each session.

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