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Tutoring Packages:
Students will be evaluated on a regular basis and tutoring will be tailored to suit their individual changing requirements - whether it be aiming at excellence or helping them work to  achieve proficiency.

8 hours of tutoring in one month

Unlimited e-mail questions to Tutors and response

Pre-assessment and Post-assessment with results e-mailed to the student as well as the parent.

If you are not satisfied or if your child does not show an increase (this is contingent upon the child following the plan as requested by the tutor) you may ask for your money back or obtain 4 additional hours at no charge.

Total cost is $100.00 for the starter package. Should you wish to keep the headset and mouse-pen after concluding the tutoring through studentnest.com , there is a charge of $75 for the equipment and shipping.

All future tutoring charges are at $12.50 per hour for the first 6 months (starter package plus 5 additional months).

If you qualify under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program, and live in California or Montana, free tutoring should be available through your school.

Contact us via phone or e-mail to see how you can get your child's free tutoring lessons.

Your child gets the lessons, the federal government pays for it through Title I funding.

To get started, check out our getting started area or contact us at tutoring@studentnest.com or call (888) 295-3916.


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