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Studentnest Tutoring Solution:
studentnest.com delivers one-on-one instruction directly to the student's computer. studentnest.com provides live, online math tutoring and standardized assessment for 1st through 12th grade. However, for students in California we provide our tutoring services for 3rd to 12th grade. studentnest.com uses proprietary technology that enables students and certified tutors to have a two-way audio conversation using hands-free headsets while simultaneously using a mouse-pen so the computer monitor becomes a whiteboard to work problems.

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Everyone agrees that there is no substitute for one-on-one tutor-student tutoring. A tutor focuses on just one child during a session. When the child gets the complete attention of the tutor, it is bound to make a huge difference. It produces immediate and lasting impact on their academic performance.

By utilizing present day Internet technologies, studentnest.com replicates the real world personal tutoring scenario online. The tutor and the student have two-way audio conversation using a hands-free headset with microphone, hooked up to their respective computers. They share the same electronic whiteboard, and exchange questions and answers in writing, which are displayed on both their computer screens. Though they are not physically sitting face to face, a real time one-to-one environment is created, thus making personal tutoring affordable for all American children.

Check out our Technology to see how live, one-on-one tutoring works over the Internet!


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