Press Release approved as tutoring provider in California under the no child left behind act (NCLB)

October 25, 2005 – Fresno, CA - is a new and innovative provider of live, one-on-one online math tutoring services for grades 3 through 12. is approved by the state of california to offer these tutoring services under the NCLB title one (1) program. The california department of education (cde) has approved to provide tutoring services throughout the state of California. With this approval, is authorized to provide tutoring services to students attending underperforming schools. This approval is a testimonial that the process and the tutoring provided by are based on sound principles. provides live one-on-one math tutoring via the internet. Accessing the tutoring system is easy: the only requirement is a computer with internet access. There are no special programs to download. Tutoring can be accessed from the student’s home, the library, schools, or any other place where a computer with an internet connection is available. tutoring is tailored to each individual student’s needs. A pre-assessment for each student is conducted prior to initiating the tutoring process. This pre-assement allows to identify those areas where the student needs learning reinforcement and to customize the tutoring program for that particular student. provides its tutoring with audio, video, Chat and whiteboard capabilities. The tutoring process is virtually identical to having the student and the tutor in the same room. The physical distance factor between the tutor and the student has been eliminated via the live internet connection. All tutoring sessions are recorded allowing continuous review of previous sessions to ensure learning. is one of the first online tutoring entities that provides this valuable individual session feedback.

“ is not designed to replace the traditional classroom learning experience between teacher and student,” states chander joshi, ceo and co-founder of “rather, is structured to augment and enhance the traditional teaching method.” tutors are located worldwide and all are licensed and credentialed teachers. Due to the multiple locations of the tutors, tutoring is available 24/7, allowing maximum convenience for the students, parents and schools. On the local level, is providing tutoring at cooper middle school, located in central fresno. Lucy vasquez, community relations liaison for cooper middle school, states “we are ecstatic to provide the tutoring experience to some of our students, and we have high expectations for a successful outcome.” has enrolled students from other school districts throughout the state of california. participates in statewide school district supplementary educational service (SES) provider trade fairs to introduce the program to all parents who qualify under the NCLB federal program. Parents of children who are attending an underperforming school and are interested in the tutoring program, can contact their district office for enrollment procedures. “ has a very bright future,” states Monika joshi, vice president and co-founder of “we not only offer our services under the NCLB program, but also on a private basis for those parents who want their child to experience a high-quality and cost-effective tutoring tool. In the near future, we will be offering tutoring services in reading, writing and any and all other subjects.” Along with tutoring, offers many other services such as college search, grants & scholarship search, job search (similar to and buy/sell (similar to ebay without the fees). is headquartered in fresno at 7429 n. First Street, suite 104, and their telephone number is (559) 650-3979.

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